A composite science communication announced on the eve of International Womens Day with a motto- "Bharat se India jurega jab mahila sashakt hogi tab"

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  • Monday, March 7, 2011
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  • A composite science communication programme has been announced on Women’s Health and Empowerment for Prosperity and Social Change with special emphasis on Malnutrition in downtrodden Women and Children. The slogan for this program is “Bharat se India jurega jab mahila sashakt hogi tab”. Institute for Gender Justice and Sudinalay- Centre for Women, New Delhi are partners in this interactive program on “Women’s Health and Empowerment for Prosperity and Social Change” to mark the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

    The program deals with the subjects namely, malnutrition vs. nutrition: myths, realities and best practices for a healthy life, non-communicable diseases in women such as obesity, hypertension and cardiac ailments, cervical cancer, HIV/AIDS and depression and mental health.

    On the eve of International Women’s Day the program is to be launched which will be followed by a week long intervention ranging from consultations, seminars, debates, deliberations at the Vigyan Bhawan as well as at some of the thickly populated areas. During this week consultation with stakeholders, Grass root interactive sessions, Consultation on Depression at IHBAS and National Meet of Women will be organized.

    Women Scientists, Doctors, Food and Nutrition Experts, Professionals working on Cervical Cancer and Mental Health will participate along with the grass root stakeholders namely, Sahayikas of Anganwadi and ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) and ASHA workers appointed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare under the National Rural Health Mission. A large number of Civil Society Members and Representatives of Women’s NGOs will join the campaign.

    The week long program is aimed at launching of an Integrated Gender Sensitive Science Communication program for Reduction of Malnutrition and other Gender Based Discrimination among economically weaker sections of Women and Children. It is found that malnutrition is linked to women’s vulnerability towards ill health, depression and over all well being. The outcome of this intervention will lead to drawing up of a national and regional plan of action on combating malnutrition in women and children of the high prevalent states.

    “Women constitute half of our population. Therefore, it is very significant that the Vigyan Prasar has dedicated its IEC campaign towards women,” said Kiran Walia, Minister of Women and Child Development, Government of NCT Delhi.

    Mr. Kinkini Dasgupta Misra, Scientist and Head of Gender Division, Vigyan Prasar, said “We aim to educate women and their service delivery agents on the ills of anaemia, malnutrition, and associated vulnerabilities. There are many models of development available with the Department of Science and Technology, which are based on simple approach of healthy cooking habits and eating habits. We want to popularize those models among our beneficiary groups.”

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